Thomas Sawyer has been a professional consultant and advisor of heavy equipment operations with one of the largest corporations in the transportation industry for over twenty-four years, leading teams all over the world. A veteran, he served his country in the Air Force for seven years, bringing with him a bachelor's degree in aviation technologies from Arizona State University. His writing experience has been strictly technical up until this book, for which his passion for philosophy, politics and human relations has coalesced, and produced this treatise on how to improve humanity.

Mr. Sawyer is a seriously committed American Patriot who deplores the slow take-over of America by American citizens with a socialist mentality. Through years of studying on his own, reading philosophy and political books from across the spectrum of ideology and time, and by watching the political landscapse evolve in America and in countries around the world, it has become abundantly clear that America is in imminent danger of going the way of  every great civilization in history: into the trash bin of tyranny.

He believes that if something important and consequential is not done to change the course that we are on; if the citizens of this country continue to be dumbed-down and made to be more and more gullible; and if  those who still understand the concept of freedom do not take an expeditious and certain stand in sufficiently large numbers, then we are bound to lose it all, and soon.

The tea party probably will not be enough. A truly conservative president probably will not be enough, even with an overwhelmingly supermajority in Congress. And all the great ideas from patriots around the country intended to reverse the years of creeping statism will not even be enough - except for one, and that is:

The Two State Solution for America.

There is hope for America and the sacred values of freedom, but there is also a clear and present threat to our future. Once the statists push our country over the top of the hill and we begin the roll down, there will be no stopping it. Should we spend decades fighting a losing battle, or should we try something radical and different, which will give us an almost immediate ability to rebuild our lands into the shining city on the hill - before it's too late?

Mr. Sawyer believes in Thomas Jefferson's admonition that all citizens should be willing to mutually pledge their sacred honor, their fortunes and even their lives if necessary, in order to protect and preserve their natural rights to life, liberty, property and their ability to pursue their happiness as they see fit. The production of this book has been accomplished and fully funded by Mr. Sawyer himself, and he hopes to use his profits to educate enough people to eventually get this system implemented. Buying the book now will go a long way to helping him achieve that end.


Further updates on Mr. Sawyer's status and whereabouts will be forthcoming, depending on the demand for this book, and for Mr. Sawyer.

About the Author of
The Two State Solution for America
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