This book – The Two-State Solution for America – is my attempt to design and describe a political solution to the ideological division between the two main groups of Americans – the liberals and the conservatives. It is my belief that the solution elaborated in it not only resolves most of our political issues, but actually improves the inner workings of our country, and if implemented would make America a far better place for all Americans to live. By removing the impetus for conflict, it allows people on both the left and the right to live in peace among their own political types.  

My premise is the belief that our country is so politically polarized that almost nobody (who pays attention) is happy with our laws and culture, and that this is contributing to a downward spiral of viciousness and hatefulness. With a widening gap between the two sides, matters are only getting worse and the state of our country degraded, making life miserable for people generally. 

However, such a goal cannot actually split the country into two distinct parts, and in fact this idea has nothing to do with secession; it is merely a method to allow the Democrats and Republicans to live how they want to live, without interference from the other, and within the greater structure of the United States of America. It not only keeps the country united, it also does not attempt to change any of the laws of the nation; it simply reorganizes the structure in such a way as to allow each group to govern themselves. 

Specifically, it reorganizes the country into two sub-states located between the federal government and the fifty states. Each of these new governments or regions – one for Democrats and one for Republicans - would only administer domestic laws. The states will each have a popular vote to choose which region it will align with. The people of the country remain citizens of the whole country, continuing their right to live and work in any state of the Union, but the Democrats will only govern the states on their side, while the Republicans will only govern the states on their side. Everybody can live within the political system of their choice and be happy. No more partisan fighting.

There would continue to be a federal government with executive, legislative and judicial branches. It would continue to administer all national and international policies appropriate to it, as defined by James Madison in the Federalist Papers #45. The country would transition to this new system seamlessly, and all the laws of the land would continue to be applied the same after the implementation as they were before it; however, each political region would then be able to change their domestic laws as they deem necessary and important for them. In time, each side would have a set of laws which they felt comfortable with, and would not have to fight the other party to obtain. 

In this way, a majority of America’s problems are solved. If liberals don’t like the laws of conservatives, they can move to the region where only liberal laws are made, and vice-versa. The people who are constantly protesting one thing or another no longer have to, because one side or the other will fit their political needs. Everybody can have their Nirvana, or something much closer to it than before. No longer will people have to fight over issues such as abortion, fiscal policy, economic freedoms, environmental regulations, gun control, racism, taxation, business regulations, education, social policies and safety nets, healthcare and the medical industry, and much more. What is not to like here?

In fact, Joseph Farah of World Net Daily ( wrote an article in March, 2010, called: "A 2-state solution - for America," in which he opines about the relationship between the left and the right, and suggests that maybe we should split the country in two - somehow. He just doesn't detail how to do it, implying a secession.  On November 13, 2012, he wrote another missive titled: "Time to Consider Separation, Divorce."

James S. Robbins, the senior editorial writer for foreign affairs at the Washington Times newspaper had a short blurb on his blog The Robbins Report (TRR) in July, 2011,  called "TRR: A Two-State Solution for America," in which he pretty much came to the same conclusion. 

On November 6th, 2012, Rush Limbaugh asked the question: "What would happen if we split the country?" He said: "You split this country right down the middle. Republicans pick the side they want; the Democrats get the other side.You can live wherever you want to live. You choose which side you want to live in. Stop and think. This is a great illustration. You split the country right in half, right down the Mississippi River. We get our ways of life on our side; they get their ways of life on theirs." He went on to say:

"Stop and think of that. It would make a great book: Talking about one side and comparing the two. It would be a great movie showing where certain companies chose to live, where certain people chose to live. It'd show how they chose to run their businesses, how they chose to manage their affairs. One half of the country you'd have a welfare state, and in the other half you'd have prosperity and good times and all that, and where would people want to end up? Now, do we already have that? Who would pay for their welfare? The Democrat half of the country would cease to exist in two weeks. There'd be nobody to pay for their way of life. The Democrat half of the country would become barren and desert and there would be no life. There would be nothing there. And they'd all be scrambling to get to our side of the country."

Rush - THE BOOK HAS BEEN WRITTEN! THIS IS IT! Tell your screeners to give you one of the copies that I sent to you!

And finally, no less than the eminent economist Dr. Walter Williams has written an article called "Parting Company," in which he concludes similarly - that if the liberals in this country are so intent to remake it into a socialist state, imposing massive rules and regulations by which the people must live, then maybe we should just "part company," because many of us do not want what they have to offer.   

So, maybe there is something to this idea, no? Not only are several top-tier conservatives writing (or talking) about it, but millions of Americans are thinking about it these days, too. You know it's true - the political system in our country is simply becoming untenable for almost everyone, but nobody has any real idea  how to solve it when the two major factions want completely different things out of their government, but there is only ONE government to service ALL the people. 

Well, these fine folks were on to a great idea - they just didn't or weren't able to follow it through to its logical conclusion. But I have done that, and what follows is my best attempt to analyze, solve, develop and explain every aspect of partitioning our country so that both groups of people can have the country they desire, but without secession

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Copyright Thomas Sawyer 2012

The Two-State 
Solution for America
Please note: This book is definitely NOT a book about secession. It is a much more complex idea that details how to reorganize our country into two self-governing political states, but without breaking the country in two. Please don't jump to conclusions about it, otherwise you will miss out on a great idea for resolving the political differences between the left and right.