Well, I WANT TO FIX IT TOO! And with this new system, WE CAN! 

Yes, we can, because I have worked it out and described in this book exactly HOW it can be accomplished. Maybe most people would just like to try to fix our problems without resorting to such a radical idea as this, but how is that going to be possible? I ask you. 

This is true because those on the left REALLY HATE the right for not supplicating to the desires of the statists. Those on the right REALLY HATE the left for trying to destroy the values that built America. BOTH sides want something DIFFERENT out of their government, and out of their country.


So why go on like this? Well, because there isn't much of a choice. Secession is a scary concept, and breaking the country in TWO would be way beyond the pale for the vast majority of people. 

But what if there was a way to give each group of people the ability to GOVERN THEMSELVES, without the interference of the people on the other side of the political spectrum, and without breaking the country into two completely separate countries?

What if there was a way to keep the country together, functioning like it always has externally, but functioning DIFFERENTLY internally, so that everybody in the country could have the type of government they want (more or less). Wouldn't everybody be happier? 

Well, now there is a way to do it. It's called the "Two State Solution for America." In less than 260 pages, I will explain to you exactly how it can be done in such a way as to benefit almost everybody, on both the left and the right.  

This idea will give us all a new lease on life, and allow everybody, whether a communist like Van Jones, a progressive liberal like Barack Obama, a moderate like Mitt Romney or even a "right-wing tea party extremist" like Michelle Bachmann, a place that they can call home, and to have the type of government that makes them happy, without having to fight with those on the other side.

Here is what you will find in this book:

Preface: How I came to write the book.

Introduction: How I came up with the idea for a Two State Solution for America, with a brief introduction to it. 

Chapter 1 -The Problem In America: It's Not Working.  This chapter explores the problems we have in America, a brief history of how we got to this point, and why the only solution to this problem is the Two State Solution for America. 

Chapter 2 - The Second Great American Experiment: The Two State Solution For America.  Here is the basic explanation of the idea, how the partitioning of the states would be accomplished, the transition process and timeline, and how the laws of the country will apply in this new paradigm. 

Chapter 3 - Governmental Organization.  In this chapter I detail the reorganization of the federal government into two new entities - the federal and the Regional. The three branches of government are addressed here for both levels of government, as is the military's place, how the Treasury and Federal Reserve would function, and how to allocate the debt that has been created by our federal government to date. This is followed by an exploration of where the multitudes of federal agencies would reside, and in what capacity. Lastly is an explanation of the method for implementing the Two State Solution for America. 

Chapter 4 - Analysis. Here is my analysis of how this new system of government will likely affect the country, from business to environment, from social issues to national issues, and how it might affect the lives of individuals. I explore the probable ideological make-up of the two Regions and of the country as a whole after the new system is implemented, and going into the future.

Following that is a long list in which I analyze the likely benefits for both groups of people on every issue that is divisive in America, as they move forward with their own vision of government. Lastly is a short discussion of how national politics will be affected, how my system will make political meanness obsolete in America, and why this system could be effective for many countries around the world. 

Chapter 5 - Let's Solve the Racism Problem In America Forever. This chapter centers on one additional benefit of this new system: besides creating an environment in which Democrats and Republicans will never have to fight each other ever again, as an unintended consequence of its inherent design, it also solves the "racism problem" that is tearing the country apart.  

Chapter 6 - Will Those Darned Liberals Like To Try It - Or Not?  Given that the liberals believe conservatives are the world's most evil people, and that they are the impediment to achieving utopia on earth, wouldn't you think liberals would jump at the chance to govern half of the country without the interference of their arch-enemies? Wouldn't you think they would LOVE to get conservatives out of their hair and pursue the idyllic nirvana of their dreams? You would think. 

But the goal of the left is NOT to achieve a Great Society, and I can prove it.  In this chapter I challenge the liberals to take up my suggestion for a Two State Solution, because this will be the only way they can get what they want - without violence. AND - if they don't take up this offer, it will simply prove to the world that their goal, like all good socialists throughout history, is to achieve a centralized, all-powerful government, with THEM in charge.  

Conclusion.  What are the odds of acceptence for such a radical idea as this, to completely restructure the country? What are the odds of being able to implement this system? How far must America descend, and how long will it take before people wake up to the realities of socialism and demand my solution? And if the liberals do not support it, would it ever be possible to vote it into existence?

And just what do the conservatives and libertarians do if our country continues to become more and more oppressive? Will they accept their chains freely, or will some states try to secede?  Either is possible, but what if those states were to act on this idea, allowing them to effectively institute the Two State Solution for America unilaterally, thereby forcing the liberal states into this new "compact" by default? 

What if conservatives simply and easily withdrew their sanction, and refused to be their victims any longer? It can be done, and without bloodshed, even if the liberals refuse to cooperate. In the Conclusion I have explained how it could be done, and analyzed the possible outcomes.

Read the book to learn how this system would work, and how to achieve it. All I am saying is to give peace a chance. 

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Is it not obvious that the old system is BROKEN? Even Van Jones, the man appointed by President Barack Obama to be his special advisor as the "Green Jobs Czar" in March, 2009, agrees with this conclusion. He knows that our system is broken, and he wants to fix it. 

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Copyright Thomas Sawyer 2012

Please note: This book is definitely NOT a book about secession. It is a much more complex idea that details how to reorganize our country into two self-governing political states, but without breaking the country in two. Please don't jump to conclusions about it,  otherwise you will miss out on a great idea for resolving the political differences between the left and the right.