Here are some excerpts from my book for you to read, to see for yourself if the content would be interesting enough for you to buy it. 


" these few chapters I will explain in detail how such a far-fetched idea could actually be made to work, including how to transition to the new system; how the laws would be adapted to it; how to reorganize the three branches of government to fit the new system; how to adapt the financial system to it; where the military will fit in; which government agencies will remain in the federal system and which ones will descend to the regions (and how).

"I will also spend some time analyzing how my system will affect governance at the federal level and in the regions, how it will affect the people and the issues that we all hold so dear, and the many benefits that will flow from it to everybody in the country." 

Chapter 1 - The Problem In America - It's Not Working.  

"The fact is that we are a nation with two distinct groups of people; one group wants to live in a society bound by a set of rules that are patently offensive to the other group, and the other group wants to live by another entirely distinct set of rules that are patently offensive to the first group. 

"These 'sets of rules', i.e., the laws which determine the nature and course of that society, are entirely incompatible. On any given issue, the two sides believe in quite opposite principles. For instance, on the issue of abortion, one side is for it and the other side against it. On marriage, one side wants anybody to be able to marry no matter their circumstances while the other side wants marriage defined as being only between a man and a woman. One side indulges in open and unlimited sexuality and pornography, while the other side cherishes restraint and privacy. On crime and punishment, one side wants leniency while the other side strictness. 

"On immigration, one side wants open borders while the other side wants controlled borders. One side wants government controlled health care while the other wants a mostly free market in medicine. One side wants to ban guns while the other side wants full gun rights. One side wants limited property rights while the other wants full property rights. One side is weak on national security while the other side is strong. One side wants to control education, while the other wants educational choice. One side wants to build a strong America, while the other side wants to tear it down and replace it with a socialist republic. 

"The list of differences between these two groups of people only ends with the list of issues. Name an issue and ask yourself if the value systems of liberals and conservatives, the two dominant ideological groups in question here, have anything in common. Ask yourself if these people can possibly coexist in a society in which rules, i.e., laws, must be set for everybody.  

"I maintain that it cannot be done. They disagree as to how a society should be ordered and run, and are doomed to fight each other tooth and nail to the bitter end, due to the fact that they both occupy the same geographic area and must live by the same set of rules. 

"The reason for this is that the two sides believe in two different world views. Fundamentally these two political philosophies are: collectivism and Individualism. They go by other pairs of names such as socialism and capitalism, statism and liberty, or control and freedom. It constitutes the political left and the right and is the basic ideological conflict of our time. It is the question of how much government and government control there ought to be in a society, and whether people should have the right to their own lives - or not."
 Copyright Thomas Sawyer 2012

Convinced already? Wow - you must be a full-fledged tea partier! I don't blame you - it is a pretty cool idea, isn't it? So, if you are ready to buy the book, click here. If not, read on:

Chapter 2 - The Second Great American Experiment: Two State Solution For America.  

"At this point I want to illustrate how the organization of the country will change when this system is implemented. This diagram shows in the simplest form how our government is organized today, and how it will be organized after the Partition:
"Although this new organization might appear to expand government by a whole new level, it really doesn't; it simply creates two parts - the national and the domestic - out of the whole of our current federal government, and splits the responsibilities between the federal level and the Regions. Then it splits the domestic level into two parts - Region A and Region B. There will not be more and bigger government after the Partition as my system does not make it bigger, it only reapportions it.

"After the Partition, the Regions will be free to either shrink their government or to expand it, depending on what the people of their side want, but the process of Partitioning does not itself cause additional government.

"By having two Regions within our country, each Region will be free to pursue the amount of government that its citizens believe is good and right for them, without the constant interference from a large body of their political opponents (because the quantity of government is really what we are talking about here - how much of it and what its purpose is)."

Is it getting more interesting? You betcha! If you're ready to buy the book now, you are at least a good, freedom-loving conservative. You probably consider yourself a tea partier and are probably interested in alternative ideas to how our government is (mal)functioning today.

Click here to buy the book now, or read on:

Chapter 3 - Governmental Organization.  

[ I don't want to give away the book, so I am not including the specifics of HOW I have reorganized the government, but in order to convey the idea in this chapter, here are a few examples of how I have treated the various federal agencies]:

"The following is my vision of which federal agencies should remain in the national government, and which ones should descend to the Regional governments, and a brief explanation of why for each one.

"List 1: Agencies Under The Jurisdiction Of The Federal Government.

"Bureau of Firearms and Explosives (BFE). There will still be a need for the BFE at the national level, especially to track down and arrest those people pursuing terrorism. As it says on the BATFE website: [We] "protect our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism…." It is especially important that there is an agency that can do these things across state (and thus, Regional) lines, as there will still be many things prohibited to the citizens of the country as a whole, such as cluster bombs and nucular bombs. Also, certain assorted toys will still require a federal license to own and operate, such as machine guns, Howitzer cannons and M-1 tanks. This is as it should be, but as to legal personal firearms, alcohol and tobacco, not a chance.

"Customs and Immigration. Immigration is a National issue since allowing one side to determine this for themselves would decidedly affect the other side. If one side allowed unlimited immigration and citizenship, the other side would be stuck with the consequences, which they may not want. This issue, among others, will continue to be debated and voted on in the federal Congress. 

"Department of Defense/Veteran Affairs. Discussed previously, the military is of national concern and cannot be a regional force. As such it would give decidedly independent characteristics to each Region, and could be misused or abused. A military must be accountable to a national authority only. The National Guards will likewise continue in their current capacities, and no military authority will be given to the Regions. 

"FBI. The Federal Law enforcement for the nation, the FBI continues to function as it always has because many of the crimes committed are federal in nature, with groups and crimes that cross state lines such as the mafia, gangs, terrorism, cyber crimes, counter-intelligence, white collar crimes associated with nation-wide corporations, federal civil rights violations and federal public office corruption. 

"List 2: Agencies Under The Jurisdiction Of The Regional Governments.

"Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this agency is to protect the people by ensuring good food production, distribution and processing, but I see no reason to leave this up to a federal bureaucracy - that would give it considerable influence over an important part of the life of the people (such as what our federal government is currently doing with ethanol). The Regions would be fully capable of setting their own guidelines and standards for using food both as food and as fuel, with no reason to believe that either side would fail to achieve a well functioning system whether they want to do it with more government controls or less. And that is the point - to let each side find that which works best for them, and see how well they do it. 

"Commerce Department. This agency's purpose is to promote "economic growth," but we have seen what such bureaucracies do to the country, and we know that this is not its real goal. To be able to regulate commerce is to give them the tools to manipulate society, and that is antithetical to my idea to let each Region determine their destiny based on how they approach trade. Therefore, this department must descend to the Regions.

"IRS. The Internal Revenue Service will have to be handed down as the current tax system will be inherited by both Regions. IRS agents and accountants nationwide will still have their jobs, and there will be continuity in the system for funding the respective governments. It will then be up to each Region in the future to debate the merits of the system, and whether they want to change it or not. The federal government will no longer retain the power to tax the individual directly."
That was just a teaser. Chapter 3 is really incredibly fascinating, and will rivet you to your chair. It covers so much more than just the reorganization of some federal agencies, but if I told you what all was in it, I'd have to kill you. It would just be better if you bought the book. Hurry up and buy it before Eric Holder has me arrested for treason under the Patriot Act, throws me into the dungeon without due process, and confiscates this book as a threat to the security of the government of the United States of America. 

Or - if you're one of those people who just wants to read the website because you can't afford to pop a few dollars for this political masterpiece, find out here how the fairy-tale turns out:

Chapter 4 - Analysis.  

"In this chapter I've analyzed what will likely happen to voting patterns, how the Two State Solution might affect society in general, and what existential benefits we might derive from it, if it were implemented. To that end, I have made a list of how I think particular issues will evolve in the two sides of our country, following shortly. First, I want to explain how I think the demographics will play out, and the effect on various groups of people.  


"Each side will be more ideological than what we have in the country today as a whole, due to the fact that the states that vote to be on the Blue side are going to have an automatic majority of Democrats, and the states that vote to be on the Red side are going to have an automatic majority of Republicans.

"But we have to remember that there are conservatives in liberal states and liberals in conservative states. Logically there will be people who are in the ideological minority in every state, and these states will exist in a new political paradigm. The questions at this point are: how will people react to this reorganization of their government, how will individuals perceive their future well being, and will people stay put or will they move in order to live on the side that suits them politically? 

"My initial thought is that it is likely that a small number of people who did not vote for the Region their state ended up on will desire to move to a state on "the other side." It's hard to say how many, but I think it is safe to say that most people won't move unless there is a real impetus such as the search for a job. Most people have roots of some sort - if not family, then friends or the fact that they own a house and/or business and/or like the area where they live. If they still have work and are happy, then why move, even if you are a Blue person in a Red State? Why change unless one is betting on the outcome of the new political dynamic, either for economic reasons or personal happiness reasons? And if that is the case, then the choice to move is simply optional and at one's own discretion and expense. 

"The extent to which members of the political minority move to be in the Region in which they are in the political majority will determine just how politically uniform each Region becomes. This will happen to a certain degree, and no matter how small, the effect will be to magnify the political uniformity of each side just a little bit more. Think of it like this: in the years after Partition, states on the Democrat side will likely gain Democrats and lose Republicans, and vice-versa for the other side. It's just simple logic." 

Still not ready to buy? Darn! You must be a moderate or independent! Well, there is a big, long list of issues in that chapter that I have analyzed and predicted how they would be handled in both Regions, and everybody will be the better for it! Liberals can have euthanasia, card check and free health-care, while conservatives can have tort reform, school vouchers and health-care savings accounts. The list is endless, sort of.  I mean, it's not really endless, but, well, you know what I mean....

But you'll have to buy the book in order to learn how it all turns out. Sorry.  If that isn't enough to sell you on it, then maybe the next chapter will: it's about how the Two State Solution for America can actually solve the problem of racism in America forever! How can you NOT like that???

Chapter 5 - Let's Solve the Racism Problem in America Forever.

"This particular benefit of the Two State Solution is so good that it deserves its own chapter. To this point I have only intimated that my system could solve the problem of racism in America, but that is exactly what the Two State Solution has the capacity to do. I normally don't like to brag, but this idea could be the greatest contribution to politics since the 14th Amendment! Okay, maybe just the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

"Liberals (and even some conservatives) push laws on us under the presumption of "the greater good," even when those laws blatantly violate the rights of individuals. But in this system there would be no violation of anyone's rights. Since the two groups approach nearly every issue differently, those who felt their "rights" were being violated could just move to the other Region, where their rights won't be violated. People are "free to choose" between the systems, and so it becomes impossible for anyone to claim they are being oppressed, either de facto or de jure. 

"In fact, given the incessant blame-game that the left plays on the nation regarding racism perpetrated on minorities by the right, and the fact that so many minorities are happy to go along with it (in order to "get free money from Obama's stash"), one would think that they would all be overjoyed to support my idea!

"Talk about the greater good, what could possibly be better than giving all the minorities in America, and especially African-Americans, the freedom to pursue their dreams in the idyllic utopia that the liberals have been promising them for several decades, but which the mean-spirited Republicans have been so cruelly denying?" 

Well now, if that didn't rope you in, you must be a liberal! Speaking of which, does anybody really think the liberals might go for this idea, or do you think they would reject it out of hand? If so, the question is WHY would they reject an idea that has the potential to give them everything they have ever wanted in a government? 

I'll tell you why in the next chapter, in which I issue them a challenge to prove to us that they really are not the dirty, sneaky, snake-in-the-grass kind of people that  conservatives think they are, hell bent on world domination. It's a little bit of a conundrum for them, actually, and their choice will prove to the world whether they are benevolent people, or otherwise:

Chapter 6 - Will Those Darned Liberals Like To Try It Or Not?

"When we on the right say that liberals or progressives are nothing more than power-hungry zealots who only want to dominate and control people, wouldn't you think that they would be offended if, in fact, we were wrong about it? Wouldn't you think that they would then tell us all to go to hell and to get out of their lives if they were righteous, guiltless and irreproachable? 

"Well, come on, you guys! Take me up on this! If you disagree with this assessment, if you think it is us, the Republicans, who are mean and evil and "uncivil," and that we are the oppressors of "your people," and if you can honestly say that these accusations about you are false, you can prove it by acting on it. We would be more than happy to let you go because we are benevolent human beings who wish our fellow man only the best in life. 

"So I say to you liberals out there, given this opportunity before you, that your actions will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that we on the right are in the right, and that you on the left are in the wrong. The fact that we do not need you, but you do need us belies your true place as the parasites. And the proof is that you will not let go of us. We will be happy to set you free, but I doubt you would return the favor. Indeed, we couldn't shake you guys anymore than a dog can shake off his fleas."


"I hesitate to mention it, but there is the very real possibility that liberty-minded people will simply rebel against the leadership of this country. Once people realize that there is a viable alternative to our downhill slide, and that to get their freedom back they are going to have to take drastic measures, then maybe enough people will act on it. When the Democrats have broken the country by bankrupting it with Obamacare, Cap and trade regulations,  massive indebtedness, heavy taxation, etc., maybe enough conservatives in flyover country will push their state governments to unilaterally initiate The Two State Solution for their states, and to force it on the rest of the country, whether they want it or not ." 

All that's needed is the BLUEPRINT, and this is it. 

Buy the book here to find out how it can be done. 

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