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Before you write me to ask for permission to use some quotations from my book in your article or book, be aware that I have already given permission for anyone to use up to two pages of it for any purpose whatsoever. Given that it was a pain in the ass to get permissions from people to use quotes in my book, I decided that it was easier to just give people the right to use a reasonable number of excerpts from my book freely, without having to write me and wait for a reply.

Indeed, I hope my book is worthy of being quoted by people, and I want them to be able to discuss it or use some of what I have said in their analysis or other considerations without having to worry about infringement, especially if it is a for-profit piece. So, feel free to use my work and even trash it if you want to, but please abide by the rules I have set forth below, which can be found on the copyright page of the book:

"I hereby give permission to use as much as two pages worth of my writing and two diagrams from this book within the content of original literature of any purpose, without having to contact me and ask for copyright permissions, so long as no single text excerpt is more than one-half page long or from the same sub-section of any chapter, is quoted correctly, attributed correctly, the copyright mark and my name is attached to the diagrams, and no attempt is made to take the quotation(s) out of context or to mischaracterize me or my work. If you can't agree to these terms, then the 'fair-use' concept applies."

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